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Lake Stevens Locksmith WA

Lake Stevens Locksmith Repair

(425) 587-1349

Lake Stevens Locksmith Repair
Locksmith Lake Stevens

Lake Stevens Locksmith WA
(425) 587-1349

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Lake Stevens Locksmith WA Washington

Automotive Locksmith

For your entire automotive locksmith concerns call Lake Stevens Locksmith WA at (425) 587-1349 and let our expertise handles the job for you.

Residential Locksmith

There is a possibility that you will lock your keys inside your house or lose your keys completely. Our locksmith will give you a new key and make sure your lock is not damaged.

Commercial Locksmith

Lake Stevens Locksmith WA provides the most professional expertise to handle any types of commercial locksmith needs.

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Lake Stevens Locksmith WA Washington

Residential Locksmith Service

Lake Stevens Locksmith WA Washington
Lake Stevens Locksmith WA Washington

Have you thought of making your home, a more burglarproof place? Does the rise in crime, have you worried? If so, you may want to give Lake Stevens Locksmith, a call. We offer free consultations, and frequently give safety and security advice to our clients.

Most people think of ugly bars on their doors and windows when you mention home security. Those days are gone for good. Today, we have many more good options that are more discreet. Even your neighbors won't notice a difference in your home's appearance.

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High security locks for residential use, is a good idea. These trusty home locks are pick proof, and weather proof. They are even gun shot proof. Burglars will not be able to pick, or damage these locks no matter what they do.

Lake Stevens Locksmith is an authorized dealer, in residential high security locks. Be sure to call us for more details. We give free estimates and price quotes.

There are many additional improvements that can be made, that are just as discreet and effective - home alarms, video surveillance with smart phone access from anywhere, window alarms, biometric entry systems, and much more. Most of these options are not expensive, and many times you can ask for, and receive lower home insurance premiums from your insurance company, just for having some of these upgrades installed.

Call now: (425) 587-1349

Here are some more residential services offered by Lake Stevens Locksmith:

  • Front and back door re-keys
  • Mailbox locks
  • Window locks
  • Casita and guesthouse locks
  • Broken keys removed
  • Worn out keys repaired
  • House keys duplicated
  • On site work - we come right out to you
  • 24-hour emergency service all year long
  • 15-minute response times
  • Keyless entry installed
  • Interior doors re-keyed
  • Front and side gate locks
  • Home vaults and safes
  • Video surveillance
  • Swimming pool gate locks
  • Pet door locks
  • Emergency lockouts
  • Locks picked
  • Biometric entry systems
  • Access control systems
  • Master key systems
  • Free consultations
  • Affordable rates and prices
  • Easy appointments - often same day
  • Decorative locks
  • Magnetic locks
  • Padlocks
  • Peepholes and deadbolts installed and repaired
  • Gun safes and cabinets secured

Take advantage of our Lake Stevens Locksmith services, and get your home into a more safe and secure mode. We are available for routine locksmith service, and also for 24-hour emergency help, should you need it.

Be pro-active, and keep our telephone number within easy reach. Add us to your cell phone address book, or speed dial list. Let Lake Stevens Locksmith give you the added security and peace of mind that comes with working with real locksmith professionals.

Call now: (425) 587-1349

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